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With Over 12,000 Units Sold To Date Since 2011, Our Total Detoxification Systems Have Been The #1 Choice For Those Looking For Complete  Body Cleansing

Total Detoxification System's are recommended to those who are unsure of how they will be tested, or know they will be tested all four ways (blood, urine, hair, and saliva). After completing the Total Detoxification System, your blood, urine, hair, and saliva will all test clean of any drug permanently (until you use again).

The line of Total Detoxification Systems we have produced is called Synergy Detox ™.  Our management team consists of former managers of a drug testing facility and a vitamin & mineral manufacturing company. With the experience of working with herbal products and detoxification, our team of experts has produced a product that will give you the results you desire.

Nothing Magical Here, Just Science

The Synergy Detox PDS works by helping your body’s metabolism to increase. By following the program, you will burn fat, actually shrinking the fat cells, and as the cells shrink, the THC drug metabolites are forced out.

The system includes a mandatory diet followed in conjunction with taking a special formulation of immediate release vitamins and herbal blends. These supplements help release drug metabolites (like THC) from your fat cells and then convert and breakdown the drug metabolites in your liver. As this constant release and breakdown process is taking place, you will be drinking a regimen of fluids we prescribe that will help expel the drug metabolites from your body through urination.

Clean Customer Testimonial
"Thanks a million for the great product and support. We got through it together. Best to all... "

-- Joseph Lizzio - Bloomington, Indiana

The Synergy Detox product line is a safe, 100% legal dietary supplement, and contains all natural ingredients. 

The Total Detoxification System is a combination of our PDS (Permanent Detoxification System) and Precision Cleanse Hair Follicle Cleansing System. You should first use the Permanent System to clean your body of all toxins. This way, with your body cleansed of all toxins, it can no longer toxify the hair.

You then follow with the Precision Cleanse hair follicle cleansing shampoo. The shampoo will then cleanse any toxins that are currently in the hair. Afterwards, you are permanently clean! (until you use again) 

Each system comes tailored and priced based on your level of usage. Please visit our new and improved website You can get more information about how to pass a drug test, ask questions via online chat and telephone customer service, and place your order online or by calling our toll free number. 

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11 Day Total PDS

  • Designed for the heaviest user (5+ times per week) or moderate user over 195 lbs. body weight
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in blood, urine, hair and saliva of all toxins
  • Toxin free in 11 days

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7 Day Total PDS

  • Designed for the moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body weight under 195 lbs. (If you are over 195 lbs please use the 11 Day  listed above.)
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in blood, urine, hair and saliva of all toxins
  • Toxin free in 7 days

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4 Day Total PDS

  • Designed for the light user (once per week or less) with any body weight.
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in blood, urine, hair and saliva of all toxins

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