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If you need to pass a drug test, please start on our main page. From there, the site will navigate you into a detoxification solution that best fits your testing situation. Below is some additional information to help you on the day of your screening.

Tip #1 Do not eat any type of bagels or rolls with poppy seeds. Poppy seeds have been known to make you test positive for opiates (Heroin). This is called a false positive (when something you have consumed shows up as an illegal drug in a test). Even if you are not a heroin user, you do not want to have to take the test again if a false positive shows up.

Tip #2 Try to schedule your test sometime in the afternoon or evening. Most toxins build up overnight.

Tip #3 If you have to take your test in the morning, make sure it is not the first time you are urinating that day. As mentioned before, toxins build up in the body as you sleep, and the first sample in the morning has the most toxins in it.

Tip #4 When taking your sample, only use a mid-stream sample. Never use the first or last part of the urine stream, as these parts contains the most toxins. You should urinate into the toilet, then into the cup, then into the toilet again.

Tip #5 If you have been drinking a lot of fluids before your test, make sure to take a multi-vitamin a few hours before the test. Labs become suspicious of very clear looking urine. A multi-vitamin will add a yellow color to your urine, and make your sample appear like you have not been trying to flush anything out of your body.

Tip #6 If you should test positive on a Immunoassay urine test, demand confirmation by a more sophisticated method. These tests are so unreliable, the results are not even admissible in a court of law. They are wrong 25% of the time. The labs won't admit this and your employer or pending employer are going to believe the testing facility. To make matters worse, you are probably being tested by a lab that put in the lowest bid and does not have to meet any particular guidelines. This is what you are up against. Don't be afraid to challenge the test results!

If you have any questions about your upcoming drug test, please feel free to email us.

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