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Temporary Detoxification Systemís are to be used to pass urine drug testing only. Itís extremely important that you use these within a few hours of your urine test. Depending on which grade you choose, these systems will cleanse any drug from your urine for 5-6 hours.

The products we have produced in no way masks or hides toxins. They actually flush your urinary tract of toxins, but only for a limited amount of time. We suggest you use a Temporary System when you only have a little time to get clean before your test. 

Frequently Asked Question

"I've seen many of these type of products on the internet and in stores, what's the difference between yours and the others?"

When you take a urine test, most times you have to pass two tests. The actual drug test and something called an adulterant test. The adulterant test is used so the lab can tell if you tampered with your sample or not. 

One of the five adulterant tests used looks for normal Creatine and Vitamin B levels, as well as visual inspection of the urine color. 

Most Products Are Made With Low Quality Standards

Many of the temporary products you see are made cheaply, and will not place the proper amounts of Creatine, Vitamin B, and color back into the sample. The result is an inconclusive test, which means you would have to retake the test or be failed outright.  

The Difference

The line of Temporary Detoxification Systems we have produced is called Synergy Detox ô.  Our products are produced to top quality standards and rarely produce inconclusive results.  


Temporary detoxification systems require that you have no usage of any substance you want to be clean of 48 hours prior to the day of your test. In most cases, since you will know ahead of time when your test is scheduled, abstaining from usage for 48 hours is not a problem. 

But in random drug testing situations, where you will have no idea when the test is scheduled, temporary detoxification systems are not a viable option. Click here if you are being randomly drug tested or will not have at least 48 hours notice before your test.

Our management team consists of former managers of a drug testing facility and a vitamin & mineral manufacturing company, as well as experts in nutrition science. With the experience of working with herbal products and detoxification, our team of experts has produced a product that will give you the results you desire.

Clean Customer Testimonial
"I was pretty skeptical about your site when I first saw it, as the ones I went to before yours did not even return my emails. You answered all my questions immediately and took the time to ask what I needed. I passed my test today, and just wanted to say thanks for all your help and producing such a reliable product. "

-- P. Tabile - Portland, Oregon

The Synergy Detox product line is a safe, 100% legal dietary supplement, and contains all natural ingredients.

Each system is tailored and priced based on your level of usage and how fast you need to become clean.

Please click here to go directly to to read more information about the products, get online and toll free telephone customer service, as well as product ordering.

You can also choose The Synergy Detox system that best suits your needs below and you'll be brought directly to  where you can get more detailed product information.

Click Button Below For More Information Max Cleanse
  • Designed for the heavy user (5+ times per week) with body weight over 160 or moderate user over 190 lbs. (If you're a heavy user and weigh under 160 lbs, please use the Power Flush below)
  • Cleanses the urine of all toxins within 2 hours
  • Urine will stay clean for up to 6 hours

Click Button Below For More Information Power Flush
  • Designed for the moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body weight under 190 lbs or heavy user (5+ times per week) under 160 lbs. (If you are over 190 lbs please use the Max Cleanse listed above.)
  • Cleanses the urine of all toxins within 1 hour
  • Urine will stay clean for up to 5 hours

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Conversion Factor

  • Designed for the light user (1 time per week or less) with any body weight.
  • Cleanses the urine of all toxins within 1 hour.
  • Urine will stay clean for up to 5 hours

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