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Temporary Detoxification Drinks And Pills Will Not Work For A Random Urine Drug Test

Random urine drug tests for an employment position can pose a significant problem when it comes to using a temporary or permanent type of detoxification product. This is simply because you just will never know when the test will be given to you. 

How about using one of those temporary quick cleanse drinks or capsules that can clean your urine for 1 hour in a 5-6 hour time frame?

You will see many of these products sold everywhere on the internet and in health food stores like GNC. We even have them available on our site.

The fact is that many temporary products sold elsewhere are of a low grade quality, but most importantly, a temporary detoxification product requires that you follow the two specific directions listed below in order for them to work properly:

  1. There can be no use of any substance you're looking to get clean of within 48 hours of your test. Obviously, with random drug testing, you don't have the luxury of a 48 hour notice before the test.

  1. Secondly, temporary flushing products require that you have an empty stomach around 8-12 hours before taking them. This is because food in your stomach can block the flushing action of the system. Again, with random drug testing, you don't have the luxury of 8-12 hours notice without eating. 

So What Are Your Options?

The first option that most people look for is an additive that you add to your urine sample. These products are sold all over the internet (Urine Luck and Tinkle Sprinkle seem to be the most advertised brands of urine additives). However... labs easily detect these now, no matter what the product manufacturer claims. Not only will you fail, but the lab will know you have tried to cheat the test. With that said, it's best not to use a urine additive product!

The second and only viable option for random urine testing is a urine substitution system (using someone else's clean urine).  The urine obviously must be from someone who is clean, it must be heated so it passes the labs initial temperature check, and you have to be able to easily conceal the urine and administer it into the sample cup.

The Synergy Detox Urine Substitution System

With that said, we have developed a concealable, easy to use, urine substitution kit that can administer heated drug free urine for a random urine drug test. Our products are completely undetectable, even in observed drug testing situations. 

  • Synthetic liquid form or real human urine in dehydrated powder form

  • All samples are individually tested and certified drug free

  • Vacuum sealed keeps an extended 1 year shelf life
  • Heating packs maintain proper temperature
  • Elastic belt for observed testing situations
  • Samples that are enough for 2 urine tests
  • Very easy to use, and a 1 year shelf life at room temperature

The system comes in a synthetic or actual human form (dehydrated and freeze dried).

Is There A Difference Between The Dehydrated and The Synthetic?

As far as results go, both are drug free urine samples that will test negative for any drug, as well as pass any adulteration testing. However, some people just  like to know that they're working with real human urine and prefer the dehydrated human urine kit.

We hear concerns from customers that synthetic can be detected as fake urine. We haven't had problems with the synthetic, and if detection did ever occur, it would be pulled from the site immediately and reformulated. Our synthetic formula has undergone multiple testing phases, and it's retested at a certified drug testing lab on a bi-monthly basis.

But we offer the dehydrated human urine as well, in the case you would feel safer and more comfortable with this over the synthetic.  

The dehydrated kit requires that you add the dehydrated urine into the distilled water in the I.V. bag. Both systems are completely portable and can be stored anywhere, there is no freezing required.

Please click the product button below to view product descriptions and online ordering. You may also call toll free 1-888-516-6120 to order via telephone. 

  • Synthetic Human Urine with Concealable I.V. Bag
  • Includes Heating Element For Proper Temperature
  • Liquid Form, Easy To Use,
  • Shelf Life Of 1 Year

  • Real Dehydrated Human Urine Package 
  • Distilled Water in Concealable I.V. Bag
  • Includes Heating Element For Proper Temperature Can be kept at room temperature, enabling you to carry and store anywhere and be ready to use at anytime.


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