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"You Can Feel Confident Knowing That Our Permanent Detoxification Systems Have Had A 92% Success Rate To Pass a Drug Test (Most of the 8% That Were Not Successful Admitted That They Did Not Follow The Directions!) "

Permanent Detoxification System's are the most reliable of all products. They in no way masks or hide toxins, but actually cleanse any drug from your blood, urine, and saliva permanently (until you use again). 

The line of Permanent Detoxification Systems we have produced is called The Synergy Detox PDS (PDS stands for Permanent Detoxification System).

Improved & Upgraded Formula for 2011

Our management team consists of former managers of a drug testing facility and a vitamin & mineral manufacturing company, as well as experts in nutrition science.

With this combination of experience, our team of experts has produced a detoxification product that will give you the results you desire.

Clean Customer Testimonial
"I can now confirm the success of your Afterburner product, and many thanks to you for your support and advice during a very harrowing time. It was good discussing matters with you and hopefully will not have to return to you (I say this in a most friendly way) to use this product. However, if I am in conversations with other people who may be in the same dilemma as myself I will most definitely recommend your product. Thanks again "

-- Richard - Fort Meyers, FL

Here's How It Works

Any fat soluble substance you consume (THC for example), will store in the fat cells in your body. Being fat soluble also means it can not be dissolved by water (Picture what happens when you try to clean a grease or oil spill with water, it just doesn’t work).

You can drink all the water and cranberry juice you want, but that alone is not going to permanently remove a fat soluble drug metabolite like THC from your body.

Nothing Magical Here, Just Nutrition Science

The Synergy Detox PDS works by helping your body’s metabolism to increase. By following a specially designed diet, you will burn fat, actually shrinking the fat cells, and as the cells shrink, the THC drug metabolites are forced out.

The second part of the system is a specific formulation of minerals that help bind to the drug metabolites after they are released from your fat cells. As this constant release and absorption process is taking place, you will be drinking a regimen of fluids we prescribe that will help expel the drug metabolites from your body through urination.

Bonus! The Synergy Fitness Detox  

Many people have asked us if there is anything else they can do in addition to the steps described above that will increase the effectiveness of the detoxification process. We have always known that the answer was exercise, but just how much and what type was the biggest question.

What we have done is consulted with a few of the top professional fitness trainers in Southern California, and they have created a simple to follow, but highly effective exercise routine  that is optimal for burning fat, and can be followed on the days you are using any of the detoxification systems offered below.

Easy to Follow

The routine is designed to be simple to follow (at home or in a gym), and uses the exact combination, order and duration of movement that is optimal for burning fat. You do not need to be in top shape to follow this routine, and it does not require you to over exert yourself (you’ll actually learn that your body burns fat more efficiently at a slower pace!).


Please note that The Fitness Detox is not mandatory. If you are physically unable to do the routine, (or just don't want to), you can just follow the prescribed diet and take the products and still effectively detoxify your body. As with any exercise program, if you are pregnant or have any type of health problems, you should first consult with your doctor before using the exercise program.

The Synergy Detox PDS is a safe, 100% legal dietary supplement, and contains all natural ingredients. Our Permanent Systems are the most effective way for you to cleanse toxins out of your body and help pass your drug test.

Each system is tailored and priced based on your level of usage.

Please go to for more information is our main detox website where you can find more information via FAQ knowledgebase, online and telephone customer service, and product ordering.

Please click here to go there now, or click on one of the product buttons below for the Synergy Detox PDS that best suits your needs.

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11 Day PDS

  • Designed for the heaviest user (5+ times per week) or moderate user over 195 lbs. body weight.
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in the blood, urine, and saliva 
  • Toxin free in 11 days

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7 Day PDS

  • Designed for the moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body weight under 195 lbs. (If you are over 195 lbs please use the 11 Day  listed above.)
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in the blood, urine, and saliva 
  • Toxin free in 7 days

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4 Day PDS

  • Designed for the light user (once per week or less) with any body weight.
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in the blood, urine, and saliva  
  • Toxin free in 4 days

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Nicotine PDS

  • Designed for the cigarette or cigar smoker
  • Permanently reduces toxin levels in the blood, urine, and saliva 
  • Toxin free in 4 days, great for insurance nicotine tests

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