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Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Drug Testing: Hair

Hair Follicle Testing is a widely used type of drug screening. Any drug that has been in your blood stream gets absorbed by the hair follicles in your scalp. As your hair grows out of these follicles, the hair strands also pick up traces of these drugs. The lab analyzes the shaft of the strand of hair for any drug metabolites present.

A quick note. The hair follicle is not actually tested, but the hair strand. To test the hair follicle itself, it would have to be surgically removed from your scalp. So it should be more accurately called a hair strand test rather than a hair follicle test.)  

Your hair retains a history of drug use for a long time. A strand of hair grows an average of 1/4" per month, so just a 4" length can show drug use as far back as 8 months. Shaving your head before a test is not the answer either. The testing facility will take a sample from arm or pubic hair if you do not have at least 1" of hair on your scalp.

What makes matters more difficult, is that second hand smoke from drugs, when inhaled from just being around it, can enter the blood and grow into the hair. So if you've had some exposure to second hand smoke, the laboratory test can have difficulty differentiating between hair contaminated by second hand smoke or hair from someone who has directly used the substance.

If you've been using in the last year or so, or even been around second hand drug smoke, then there is only one way to effectively pass a hair test. If you know that you are going to be given this test, please choose the detoxification method below, and you will be taken to a page with the recommended products:

  • Hair Follicle Detoxification to Pass a Hair Drug Test  By means of a specially formulated shampoo, you will be able to clean the root and hair shaft of any toxins. Temporary masking and bleaching products do not work. Click here for the most reliable and effective Hair Follicle Cleansing System available today.

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